Accsoon Technology

Chengdu Accsoon technology co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is located in Chengdu, the land of wealth. It is the first startup company in southwest China to apply gyroscope technology to high-precision optical stabilization products. Accsoon technology has a young and dynamic scientific research team. It is relying on its technology accumulation and continuous learning and innovation, combined with the market demand to constant product evolution and iterative change. It was combining the transformation of independent core technology with a market hot spot. A series of head controller and gyroscope attitude measurement system with sovereign intellectual property rights have successfully launched.

Our products include high accuracy attitude reference system (AHRS), IMU and direct drive optical stabilization system. Our products are widely used in the consumer-grade handheld cradle, head stabilization systems, UAV multi-function cradle head stabilization systems, film industrial-grade optical stabilization systems, and motion attitude tracking and measurement systems.

In the future development of the company adhere to the “pragmatic, scientific guidance” development philosophy of continuous breakthrough and innovation, to create better products and provide better services for customers.