Accsoon ACC02 Gimbal Mounting Adapter

The Accsoon ACC02 allows the mounting of an Accsoon CineView or CineEye 2/2S wireless transmitter onto a DJI Ronin-S series of handheld gimbals and camera cold shoes. It simply attaches to the screw mount on the bottom of the Accsoon transmitter and then slots underneath the gimbal’s camera platform using its quick release system.This enables greater range and enhanced stability of the CineView and CineEye 2/2S when using a gimbal.


Accsoon ACC03 Monitor Mounting Adapter

The ACC03 is designed to allow a CineView or CineEye RX unit to mount to various monitors, cages and cameras in a different ways. It is especially suited for use where the user is building a director’s monitor setup with both monitor and RX unit powered from a separate battery. It is also suitable for use with several popular monitors with dual NP battery slots where the second battery can be used to power the monitor. In both cases power is supplied to the RX via DC barrel connector from an external battery.


Accsoon ACC04 NP-F Battery Adapter

The ACC04 can be used with an NP-F battery to provide power to other devices via USB-A, USB-C, USB-C PD, or DC barrel connector. The removable Accsoon ACC04 NP-F battery plate adapter is compatible with Sony NP-F type batteries and can be used with the Accsoon iPad PowerCage II or PowerCage II Pro.


Accsoon ACC05 SeeMo Mounting Adapter Plate

Constructed of lightweight aluminum the new ACC05 plate allows the main body of the SeeMo to simply clip onto it. Together they form a single compact unit that can then attach directly to a wide range of setups via a standard 1/4 20 screw thread. An anti-rotation pin further secures the ACC05 when used with cages with the appropriate hole pattern.