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BSC 2024

Accsoon’s Unforgettable Journey at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Expo in London 2024

Accsoon Technology impressed attendees at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Expo in London, held from Feb 16th to 17th, 2024. Unleash your creativity and discover more about filmmaking.

Thank you all for coming to BSC and spending the amazing time with us. During the past few days, we’ve been thrilled to share our insights and innovations with all participants, engaging in creative conversations with industry professionals and our valued partners. The spirit of innovation and collaboration persists. With Accsoon we see more together.

Accsoon’s booth-1
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Accsoon SeeMo & Jetset Cine

Lightcraft Technology, a pioneer in virtual production solutions, showcased its groundbreaking Jetset Unified Virtual Production System at the Accsoon Booth (M003) during the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Expo in London.

Lightcraft’s Jetset Cine turns any cinema camera into a fully-tracked virtual production system using an iPhone mounted on the camera and an Accsoon SeeMo HDMI or HD-SDI input for the iPhone. The Accsoon SeeMo provides real-time video feed from the main camera into the iPhone that Jetset uses for tracking. By comparing the elements seen in both video feeds, Jetset Cine can create an accurate camera offset and lens calibration in minutes.

The real-time pre-visualization of Lightcraft's Jetset Cine is enabled by Accsoon's SeeMo

The ever-growing SeeMo ecosystem

Lightcraft joins a growing list of partners that have integrated SeeMo into their workflows. The versatility of integrations like Jetset, Frame.io, CameraFi, Switcher Studio and more demonstrates just how Accsoon’s SeeMo technology changes the game. Bringing SDI and HDMI video into iOS, SeeMo is at the center of a new set of powerful creative tools.

Media and Influencers

Alister Chapman

At this year’s BSC, Alister Chapman introduced how your Accsoon CineView Transmitter can be used to extend the range of the WiFi remote control system built into a Sony FX6, FX9 and many others, greatly increasing the range and stability.

Rodney Charters

ASC, DP of ‘24’, talking about his use of CineView during his Nanlux presentation on the CVP booth at BSC Expo

Star Products

About SeeMo and SeeMo Pro

The SeeMo HDMI and SeeMo Pro SDI/HDMI are the world’s first affordable professional MFi-certified SDI and HDMI adapters that act as video capture terminals for iOS, connecting via Lightning or USB-C. The low latency, high-quality image (up to 1080/60P) that they produce easily betters camera-makers’ in-built Wi-Fi monitoring solutions.

The SeeMo range makes full use of the amazing screens on the later generations of iPhones and iPads by transforming them into high-grade monitors. Using the Accsoon SEE app, users have access to a complete set of professional tools such as waveform, magnification, vectorscope, false color, peaking and audio level meters. They can apply custom LUTs, or use the onion skin image overlay to precisely line up their shots. There are even options to de-squeeze anamorphic video on-screen, or flip video to aid self-shooting.

The SeeMo Pro SDI can accept HD signals up to 1080p 60fps over either HD-SDI or HDMI from cameras, mixers, games consoles and wireless receivers. The HD-SDI input can also be looped out to allow connection to other downstream devices such as Accsoon’s own CineView SE and Quad SDI wireless transmitters.

The SeeMo HDMI costs $179 and SeeMo Pro SDI costs $349. For full details visit the Accsoon website.

Accsoon CineView HE

The powerful Accsoon CineView HE professional HDMI Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless video transmitter and receiver kit is perfect for anyone who needs to reliably send video from their HDMI camera to a HDMI monitor, smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. It has best-in-class transmission latency of less than 60ms with virtually imperceptible lag.

See you at BSC in 2025!

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