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Introducing the HDMI monitor in your pocket – the Accsoon M1 HDMI to UVC device for Android phones

Whether you are a vlogger or a filmmaker, there are times when you want a high quality monitor but don’t want the inconvenience of having to carry one. Enter the new Accsoon M1 – an affordable device that transforms almost any Android phone into an HD monitor with professional power using NP-F type batteries.

Front and back view of the Accsoon M1
Front and back view of the Accsoon M1

Monitoring made simple

Simply pull your phone out of your pocket, clip on the lightweight Accsoon M1, connect your cables and you’re ready to go. It takes full advantage of the amazing high-quality displays found on the latest Android phones with their brilliant color and brightness.

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The entire process of setting up and using the Accsoon M1 for monitoring is intuitive and straightforward. Using the Accsoon SEE App you get a full suite of tools such as waveform, magnification, false colour, histogram, focus assist and more with an interface that will be instantly familiar to filmmakers. All controls are accessed using the phone’s touch screen – nothing could be simpler. Accsoon SEE supports Android 8.0 and above.

M1 Key features
A single CineEye 2S Pro transmitter can send video simultaneously to up to 4 different receivers or compatible devices

M1 Key features:

  • Turn your Android phone into an on-camera monitor
  • Easy live streaming and recording
  • Supports audio and video transmission
  • Power the Android phone and camera through a NP-F series battery
  • Advanced monitoring tools with Accsoon SEE App
  • Suitable for vlogging, wedding videography, live streaming and filmmaking

Livestreaming and recording

You can Livestream the output of your camera using RTMP to popular video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch via the phone’s internet connection, or record the output in HD on your device as a proxy or for easy sharing or as a proxy file.

Lightweight and easy to mount

The Accsoon M1 weighs a mere 75g and has a 1/4 20 mounting hole for attachment to a camera’s shoe mount via standard monitor mounts. There is a cold shoe mounting design on the top of the Accsoon M1 which allows you to connect other accessories such as a light, microphone, wireless receiver and more.

Lightweight and easy to mount

The Accsoon M1 is designed to support as many Android phone models as possible. The clamping mechanism supports phones between 65mm and 90mm wide. This means the vast majority of Android phones can be mounted, often while being kept in their slimline protective cases.

The bulk and weight of M1 and phone combination is considerably less than most professional monitors and makes handholding a setup for extended periods much easier. Vloggers, in particular, will find this advantageous, especially when used with the phone pointing towards them where it can be positioned close to the lens for better eyelines.

Flexible power

Accsoon M1 lets you take control of your power. The integrated NP-F type battery plate on the rear of the M1 powers the Accsoon M1 from any a Sony-style NP-F battery. In addition, you can use the M1’s DC output to charge your Android phone and also your camera with the appropriate cables. If the users want the lightest possible setup they can also power the phone from its internal battery without the need for the NP-F battery.


About Accsoon

Accsoon is a leading wireless video company and the originator of wi-fi based professional video monitoring systems. The company’s class-leading wireless transmitters include the popular CineEye 2 and CineEye 2S Pro models which are renowned for their range and reliability.

Price & Availability

The Accsoon M1 costs $99 + local taxes and will be available from authorized Accsoon distributors and dealers.

Package contents

  • Accsoon M1 x1
  • Type-C to Type-C cable x1
  • User manual x1

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