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Precision in Motion – Accsoon launch affordable $349 TopRig S40 and $399 Toprig S60 motorised sliders

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Filmmakers know that a controlled slider shot can really increase the production value of their work, but until now motorised sliders have been either expensive, or lacking in the precision required to consistently get the desired shot.

Accsoon today redefine affordable motion control with the launch of their new TopRig series S40 and S60 motorised sliders. Both have smooth automated motion that can be controlled via physical buttons on the unit, or via Bluetooth using the TopRig app. A clever in-built parallax system allows the camera to automatically pan gently as it moves around the subject for a professional-looking result.

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Accsoon’s company philosophy has always been to make standout products that directly answer the needs of filmmakers, improving significantly on the existing alternatives. They understand how incredibly frustrating it is when a beautiful shot is ruined by vibration or judder due to a less than perfect slider, so set out to make a more precise motorised slider that is super smooth, but does not cost the earth.

With the S40 and S60 this has been achieved with a combination of precision engineering and powerful brushless motors. Both the TopRig S40 and TopRig S60 can be used for smooth horizontal moves as well as vertical moves. The TopRig S40 has a camera travel distance of 22.5cm, and the TopRig S60 has a longer camera travel distance of 42.5cm. Operation is near silent and the speed of movement can vary from 0.1 cm/s to 5 cm/s. It has never been simpler to create cinematic tracking shots, subtle push-ins, pull-backs, and reveals. Macro shooting is better too, with perfect slow push-in or gliding shots when using probe or other close-up lenses.

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In addition to being super smooth, the TopRig S40 and TopRig S60 are designed to be highly portable. Both sliders are incredibly easy to transport and small enough to be carried inside or strapped onto most backpacks. The TopRig S40 is just 41cm long and the TopRig S60 is 61cm long, with both robustly made of metal for professional use. Even so, the TopRig S40 weighs only 1.4kg and the TopRig S60 weighs in at 1.5kg.

They are primarily made for mirrorless cameras and smaller cinema cameras, with the maximum load on either slider when travelling horizontally at 4kg, and when moving vertically at 2.5kg.

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An automated panning parallax type movement is easy to achieve with the TopRig S40 and S60. Simply place the slider square on to your subject, make sure that both ends of the slider are equal distance from the subject, then move the camera to one end and use the adjustment bar to angle the camera in towards the subject. Once done the camera will slide up and down continually aiming the camera at the subject.

Power is conveniently provided by a single Sony NP-F type battery. A single NP-F 550 battery can run one of the sliders for up to 60 hours. Alternatively, the sliders can be powered using 7.4V-16.8V DC via a barrel connector. Both sliders also have handy 5V USB-C output as well to power accessories.

Sony NP-F type battery

Another nice touch is that the key functions of the slider can be controlled using physical controls on the slider itself. This includes the ability to alter the speed of travel using a control knob, as well as buttons to start/stop, loop movement actions, and set A and B points where a movement starts and finishes. By relying on hardware controls every move is repeatable, dependable and controllable. If required these functions can also be controlled via Bluetooth using the TopRig app which can be downloaded for free from the app store.

With the Accsoon TopRig S40 and S60 users no longer need to make a choice between manual sliders and much higher-cost motorised ones. Precision in motion is now available to almost any filmmaker thanks to Accsoon.

The Accsoon TopRig S40 costs $349 US and the TopRig S60 costs $399 US. Both will be available from authorised Accsoon dealers soon. Learn more

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