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Transform your iPad into a robust on-set production monitor with the Accsoon Power Cage

Transform your iPad into the ultimate armored on-set device, with professional power via commonly used Sony NP-F type batteries.

The new Accsoon Power Cage helps your iPad withstand the rigors of daily use. It fits the iPad Pro 11 inch (1st and 2nd gen) and 10.5 inch versions, plus the iPad Air (3rd and 4th gen) and iPad (7th and 8th gen). The Power Cage and iPad are the perfect partners for Accsoon’s class-leading CineEye 2 range of wireless 2.4 and 5GHz video transmitters – together forming a robust, affordable, low latency iOS monitoring solution for productions of any size.

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With iPads now ubiquitous on set, everyone from DPs, directors, gaffers, camera assistants and producers to DITs, makeup artists, continuity and sound recordists relies upon them. The Power Cage is perfect for all these jobs, and many more.

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Weighing in at just 350g and only 27mm thick, the Power Cage surrounds the iPad with a sleek aero grade aluminum alloy frame that protects and offers multiple mounting options. It enhances the look and durability of the iPad without excessively increasing the size.

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With the Power Cage you no longer have to rely on the iPad’s internal battery or clunky USB battery packs. Instead, you can use NP-F 550/750 or 950 type batteries for extended run times. The batteries are held securely in place with a reassuring click, thanks to an engineered self-locking design. Then simply connect the included USB-C or Lightning charge cable from the iPad to the Cage and everything is set. Safe charging is guaranteed thanks to a built-in charge protection function.

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Each side, as well as the back, has 1/4 20 mounting holes that allow for easy fixing to stands, tripods, clamps and camera rigs. The Accsoon Power Cage allows you to mount your iPad exactly where you need it, whether you’re using the pair as a director’s monitor, confidence monitor or camera. Fitting the iPad into the Cage is straightforward thanks to the adjustable sliding frame design. Everything required for a quick installation is included in the box.

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Using the Accsoon Go iOS app on a Power Cage-equipped iPad, together with any of Accsoon’s CineEye wireless transmitters, creates a rugged wireless professional monitoring setup with all the features users have come to expect using the iPad’s brilliant state-of-the-art screen. Waveforms, zebras, touch magnification, focus peaking, audio level metering, LUTs and anamorphic aspect ratios are all there. The latest updates to the Accsoon Go app even include the ability to livestream the feed from your CineEye 2-connected camera direct to YouTube.

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Mobile editors too will appreciate the benefits of the Power Cage. Apps like LumaFusion have made video editing on iPad a reality and the Power Cage will allow editors to work on-the-go all day long without fear of running out of power ever again.

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Mobile video creators can use the Power Cage to securely mount lights, microphones, handgrips and tripods to their iPad using the 1/4 20 connections. The Accsoon Power Cage allows users to create a durable iPad camera rig without the excess bulk of other solutions on the market.

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The Accsoon Power Cage costs $159 US + local taxes and will be available from authorised Accsoon dealers.

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