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Use Your iPhone or iPad as a CAMERA MONITOR & 4K RECORDER

What it is Accsoon SeeMo 4K

This tiny thing is nothing short of pure magic. Check it. It converts your iPhone or iPad into a production monitor, 4K video recorder sharing, and also a streaming device.

Let’s take a closer look. First things first. What is this thing even? Well, it’s a SeeMo 4K from Accsoon. As they say, it is the HDMI to iOS video adapter. It’s a tiny thing with a couple of ports. First of all, you have HDMI in port inside, so you can connect it to the camera. And the most important other part is video out is basically connected to your iPhone or iPad through various cables that you can choose from either USB-C or lightning, and that allows you to feed that, transmission to your iOS device. And then you can record it to your camera roll in 4K.

On the top. You have also the SD card slot, where you can put your SD card and have your Luts, and of course on off button and the battery level as well as you can actually charge your device, through these ports. And it takes an NPF battery so you can power up this device and it also comes with this phone holder mount. So basically you can attach any of your different sizes of your iPhones, even the older ones. And if you want to attach something as big as this one you can you just need uh, a holder as well, or a cage. And then you just attach this little device to it and done deal.

Production Monitor

So if you’re looking at the monitoring features, well, it will have all the classical production monitoring features that you can imagine, you know, like histogram, false color, focus peaking zebras. I mean, you can load your own Luts with an SD card. I’m not gonna go through every single detail but it is super, super rich in these features. And if you think that your phone screen is too tiny, well, that’s where the actually the iPad comes in because it’s super handy as you can just attach any iOS device here on the top, and it will give you a pretty big real estate.

Why use iPhone or iPad as a monitor?

Why would you even want to use your iPhone or iPad as a monitor? Why not use a dedicated monitor? First of all, a price. And second, not every one of them can record. And if they can record, it probably gonna cost a little bit more. Can they stream? Uh, well, that’s another question.

4K Recorder

All right. Now, regarding the video recording, super simple. You just hit the button to record and it starts recording directly into your camera roll. And it does with the resolution of up to 4K and 30 frames per second. 20mbps is the maximum bit rate and the encoder is h264. One important thing you can shoot in S-log for example, log footage and apply the LUT, and it will actually apply directly to your, uh, footage and will be saved like that also on your camera roll. By the way, you don’t need mad setup like this or a cage in order to to connect that device on your camera, you can just use the cold shoe. Whatever thing it is, is and attach it very easily.

Recording EVF

So another really cool thing that I use all the time is that you can actually record your cameras, all of the settings, the basically the viewfinder if you will, and you’ve seen it, me using it and a lot of POV videos. I’ve had this device for months, by the way. Yes. Uh, Accsoon asked me to do a video of it send me the device for free. But I do want to tell you that I absolutely love this device because I’ve been using it for months. As I told you in these POV videos, I want to show you guys what I see and what my camera sees. What settings do I use? Where do I focus? So without this device, I wouldn’t be able to do so? And as you can see, it literally records all of the settings and everything that is displayed on the screen. It works in a photo mode, works in a video mode.


The next thing is that you can actually live stream with this device. There’s a couple of configurations that you can set up. First of all, you can, you know, do it in different platforms, but probably most of you would be doing it on YouTube. So you just have to insert the stream code and start streaming.

File Sharing (frame.io)

Okay. The last thing is that you can actually use Frame.io to drop your footage, almost real time to whatever your video editor or whoever is working with it. And that is just mind-blowing. So basically what you can do is, well, first of all, you need to have frame Frame.io. If you do have Adobe Creative Suite, I believe the Frame.io comes for free. You just have to register there and then here from the app you just need to log in and then put options like recording, upload,ing or using the cellular data or the Wi-Fi, whatever the plan is for you.

And then you can just simply either select on your camera, roll, on which ones you want to upload, or you can just directly as soon as you record it upload the video file. And then, of course, on the other side, the editor simply sees the footage, you know. And where could this be used? Well, if you’re shooting something like a vertical content from some event, then very quickly someone can just edit that footage real time and just drop it on social media. So that’s really cool thing. And I don’t think much of these other monitors can do that.


Oh, and I totally forgot to tell you that this device is, in my opinion, dirt cheap. It costs only $179. And, you know, if you compare it to the new thing that from Atomos came out Ninja phone or whatever, that thing is like $400 and can be adapted only to one phone. So if you change phones, forget about it. Probably need to buy a new device and it even records only 1080p in 2024.

Final Thoughts

Let me know what you think about this device. It’s more than a monitor. It’s recorder streamer 4K, by the way. And also, you know, a bunch of other things. And it’s so tiny, so small that I think almost everyone should have that, you know, to do their work. Let me know what’s awesome to have you around. Um, I see you all in the next video very soon. Keep on creating.

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