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Wave goodbye to wireless image blackouts with up to 20% off Accsoon kit on Black Friday

This Black Friday step up your wireless game with up to 20 per cent off the entire Acssoon CineView Transmitter and receiver lineup.

Users can also get the latest Focus F-C01 wireless follow focus for $223 US. The M1 HDMI monitor adapter for Android devices is just $79 US.

CineView SE

The flagship CineView SE transmitter and receiver with 1200ft range, SDI and HDMI inputs, plus lower than 0.05s latency, is now only $519.

The CineView HE HDMI transmitter and receiver with UVC-C for computer connection, 1200ft range and latency less than 0.06s is just $399.

The affordable CineView Quad with HDMI and SDI, 500ft range and less than 0.06s latency is down to $423.

This time-limited promotion is the perfect opportunity to get into the latest generation of Accsoon’s class-leading wireless transmission with ultra low latency. Smaller and lighter than ever, the CineView SE, CineView HE and CineView Quad are class-leading in both range and stability thanks to state-of-the-art Dual Band transmission and anti-interference wireless technology for the best possible image. All CineView transmitters send the same image twice using 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies, with the receiver then combining the two streams as needed to create a complete single stream.


The free Accsoon Go iOS and Android app offers a huge range of monitoring and recording features that enhance your shooting. Enjoy high-end features like Focus Peaking, Histogram, False Color, viewing with 3D LUTs and HD recording of the video for instant review and social media sharing.

The F-C01 hand unit

The special $223 price for the Accsoon F-C01 focus control package makes high-spec wireless focus more affordable than ever. The Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) system developed in-house by Accsoon allows the motor and the controller to communicate constantly, switching channels in unison. The result is an incredibly stable connection between hand controller and motor that gives the user increased confidence and outperforms the competition systems.

accsoon m1

The Accsoon M1 turns your Android phone into an on-camera monitor with east live streaming and recording. Weighing just 75g it attaches to your camera’s shoe mount and powers both phone and M1 from a Sony NP type battery. Now only $79 it represents excellent value for anyone wanting to make the most out of their modern Android smartphone.

This Black Friday promotion is limited to sales stocks only and is available from Authorised Accsoon dealers.

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