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Why Would We Need A Wireless Video Transmitter-CineView SE?

Connecting cables may still be the traditional way for many people to run their shots, but it can be inconvenient. Compared to cable transmission, wireless video transmission system kits are very convenient and easy to set up because you don’t have to arrange long wires all over the place to connect between the video source and the video monitor.

Wireless video transmission system come with increased flexibility by eliminating the need to install new wires or re-route old ones. Also, the video crew can move around and take videos at any distance. Cables might be limited by distance, however, with the wireless video transmitter, you can reach where no cable has gone before.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of wireless video transmitters in shooting, taking Accsoon CineView SE as an example.

Multi-Camera shoots made simple with Accsoon CineView SE

Easy operation

The wireless video transmission system is suitable for a wide range of photographic equipment and is highly flexible. In the event of a failure during transmission, only the transmitter and receiver need to be tested, eliminating the need to check the cables one by one. Wireless video transmission system offers better and wider adaptability than wired transmission and is virtually unlimited by geography.

The CineView SE is a Dual-Band device that intelligently leverages both 2.4G and 5G transmission to maintain signal quality over the distance of 350 meters or 1200 feet with line of sight.

The cool thing about this dual-band technology is that in this system, the algorithm can identify what data is lost from the 2.4GHz and 5GHz transmissions separately and then combine them together to restore the original intention.

So, this system should cover you range-wise for most applications without issue, as long as you’re not storing your clients or crew with the receiver’s half a kilometre away or in the sub-basement, you should be good to go. What’s more, Accsoon’s patented Gemini dual-band 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz transmission system reduces interference and gives you stable control over 1200 feet/350m away while keeping a safe distance for shooting.

Strong ability to expand

The limitation of wired transmission is huge. When encountering some tough shooting environments, such as the geographical environment: mountains, lakes, and forest areas, the wired network will be affected. In film shooting with a wireless video transmission system, it is much easier for photographers to move and shoot without the hassle of wiring, and the director can watch the footage through the monitor at any time. Wireless video transmission system can eliminate the need for photographers to organize cables, making film shooting easier.

With Accsoon CineView SE, there is no need to rewire if adding camera positions. The CineView SE can transmit video and audio to up to 4 receivers (standard receiver and mobile devices, mix and match). If you are working in a professional crew, you will need multiple monitor setups: one for the director, one for the 1st AC for remote focusing, one for the data wrangler to keep an eye on when to switch memory cards, and optionally one for the producer or clients to keep the whole crew in sync.


The establishment of wired transmission must erect cables, so it requires a lot of labour and material resources. The use of wireless video transmitters in film shooting can save the labour and time cost of wiring and reeling.

As your crew and your video productions get bigger and bigger, you start requiring a wireless video transmission system. There are some great wireless video transmission system in the market, but they are expensive. Accsoon CineView SE sends a 1080p signal up to 60 frames per second and has a latency of less than 60 milliseconds, which are excellent. The best latency would be zero, but, for anything with zero latency you’re gonna be paying probably like 8 or 9 times the price.

Whether you have a film or broadcast production team, run a live event, or work as a videographer, wireless video transmisssion system can eliminate the hodgepodge of cables and make it easier to set up a wireless video production scene. The dual-band, cable-free and up-to four receivers features provide a more convenient and secure solution for cinematography and live TV scenes with CineView SE.


CineView SE

  • High-reliability dual-band transmission
  • Transmission range up to 1200feet/350m
  • Very low latency (u0026lt;0.6s)
  • Support SDI in and HDMI in
  • High-quality video and audio transmission
  • Connect up to 4 receivers and mobile devices (mix and match)
  • Support camera control
  • Professional monitoring APP for iOS and Android
  • Support DC and NPF battery power supply
  • Firmware upgradeable

For more details about Accsoon wireless video transmission system, please check the CineView SE.

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