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Go vertical with the latest Accsoon SeeMo update

Creating vertical videos for social media using a mirrorless camera just got a whole lot easier. With the release of the new v1.5.0 of the Accsoon SEE app for iOS, users can view, record, share and stream correctly oriented vertical video on-the-go with their SeeMo, SeeMo 4K and SeeMo Pro SDI.

vertical videos

The iOS version of the SEE app has been completely re-engineered with a new user interface that can operate either vertically, or in standard horizontal orientation. At the touch of a button the app will now switch between horizontal and vertical orientations. Importantly, in vertical mode, it displays with the menus correctly rotated for easy operation.

The SEE app running in vertical mode on an iPad

Videos recorded using the app are correctly rotated so that the footage no longer needs to be rotated in post. When live streaming, the video is also correctly displayed in its vertical position – a feature that has been heavily requested by users.

All the existing functions of the SEE app can now be used for vertical mode, meaning that it can be used to record lightweight H.264 video files from the camera directly to an iPhone or iPad for immediate sharing in the correct vertical orientation. It can also be used to stream vertical video to popular video streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook – ideal for streamers and also professional corporate live video.

vertical video to popular video streaming platforms

In addition, the SEE app can be used to upload vertical video directly to Frame.io using the innovative real-time upload function. When viewed in Frame.io the video is now much easier to view as it is correctly displayed without having to be rotated manually.

The SeeMo, SeeMo 4K and SeeMo Pro SDI are groundbreaking adapters that transform iOS devices into fully featured monitors with H.264 recording and streaming. Thanks to the high brightness, high accuracy screens of the latest iPhones and iPads the image quality is truly superb, rivalling that of top-end dedicated monitors. It offers professional features like focus peaking, pinch-to-magnify, image-flip, waveforms, audio level meters, false color and more, all via touch control.

SeeMo 4K

The SeeMo HDMI and SeeMo Pro SDI connect to your iOS device via Lightning or USB-C cable. Unlike various other iOS monitoring applications that use wireless or higher latency connections, SeeMo’s use of a hard-wired connection, together with a highly optimised app, results in incredibly low latency that rivals traditional field monitors in tests. This makes the SeeMo HDMI, SeeMo 4K and SeeMo Pro SDI perfect for critical monitoring applications.

The Accsoon SEE app for iOS v1.5.0 is free to download and available now from the app store. It currently supports recent iPhones and iPads.

See it at Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles

The company’s complete range of SeeMo iOS adapters, CineView wireless transmission systems, iPad cages and Toprig motorised sliders will be shown on the Accsoon booth S4006 at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles, June 7th and 8th, 2024.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, as we have more surprises coming this year.

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