Accsoon SDK Partners

Accsoon invites 3rd party developers to unlock more exciting new possibilities.

Together our goal is to make it easier for every creator to present their creativity anywhere.

FULL COLOR - zacuto
BLACK - Prolycht

Live Streaming SOLUTIONS

Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is the first of several important integrations on the roadmap for Accsoon devices, putting them at the heart of an ecosystem that replaces traditional monitoring, sharing and streaming tools with the power, flexibility and affordability of SeeMo and iOS devices.

Together the Accsoon SeeMo and Switcher Studio harness the power of the latest iOS devices to create a powerful, easy to use, portable live streaming solution.

Lightning Solutions


Prolycht is a leading force in the development of superior LED lighting solutions, driven by a team of esteemed color scientists. As our esteemed SDK partner, they seamlessly integrate our SDK to provide users with a flawless experience.

By combining our state-of-the-art Seemo Pro with their camera and the Prolycht app, creators unlock unparalleled control over light adjustment and monitoring. Together, we empower creators to achieve unmatched lighting precision, elevating their creative output to new heights.