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SeeMo goes Pro – Accsoon’s rugged SeeMo Pro SDI transforms iOS devices into production monitors

Accsoon will unveil the new SeeMo Pro SDI monitoring/recording/streaming adapter for iOS at the NAB show this week. Built on the technology of the original SeeMo HDMI model, the SeeMo Pro SDI is a small box that goes in-between your camera or other SDI/HDMI source and your iOS device via Lightning or USB-C cable.

The SeeMo Pro SDI can accept HD signals up to 1080p 60fps over either HD SDI or HDMI from cameras, mixers, games consoles and wireless receivers. The HD SDI input can also be looped out to allow connection to other downstream devices such as Accsoon’s own CineView SE and Quad SDI wireless transmitters.

The SeeMo Pro SDI has HD SDI input and output with loop-through

SeeMo Pro SDI is incredibly power efficient and runs off Sony NP-F style batteries or via a pro-grade 2-pin DC connector. It can supply 5V/2.4A power to a connected iPad or iPhone for extended operation times. It can also charge other devices over USB-C operating as a power bank.

SeeMo Pro SDI is incredibly power efficient

When combined with the free Accsoon SEE app it transforms any recent iPad or iPhone into a fully featured production monitor with a complete set of professional tools such as waveform, magnification, vectorscope, false color, peaking and audio level meters. Users can apply custom LUTs, or use the onion skin image overlay to precisely line up their shots. There are even options to de-squeeze anamorphic video on-screen, or flip video to aid self shooting.

The Accsoon SEE app has options for waveform, magnification, vectorscope, LUTs,false color, peaking and much more

Thanks to the high brightness, high accuracy screens of the latest iPhones and iPads the image quality is truly superb, rivalling that of top-end dedicated SDI monitors. The super high pixel density means the eye can no longer detect individual pixels. It’s no secret that iPad screens are so good that a number of top streaming shows were even graded on iPads during the pandemic.

Accsoon have optimised the SeeMo and SEE app to be incredibly low latency too, again rivalling traditional SDI monitors in tests. This makes SeeMo Pro SDI perfect for critical monitoring applications and especially focus pulling.

Rugged build for professional work

SeeMo Pro SDI features a tough lightweight aluminum body with multiple 1/4-20 anti-rotation mounting points for flexibility. For on-camera monitoring the SeeMo Pro can be placed directly to the back of an iPhone or iPad mini using the dedicated mounting options. Alternatively, some camera operators may prefer to mount the SeeMo separately on their camera or gimbal and cable the iPhone or iPad to it. Accsoon sell extended 1m Lightning cables where additional length is required.

The SeeMo Pro SDI can be mounted in many different configurations to suit the user's requirements

SeeMo Pro SDI can also turn larger iPads and iPad Pros into ideal directors’ monitors with the aid of Accsoon’s line of PowerCages for iPad. The latest PowerCage II and PowerCage Pro II surround the iPad with metal protection and provide a solid way to mount the SeeMo Pro SDI to the rear of the setup. A built-in kick stand allows it to be set down safely without toppling over.

The Accsoon PowerCage Pro II with iPad Pro and SeeMo Pro SDI in use

SeeMo Pro’s elegant lines had input from leading designers in the industry. The ribbed chassis is not purely aesthetic, but also allows SeeMo Pro to have much greater thermal efficiency.

SeeMo Pro to have much greater thermal efficiency.

Record and share direct

SeeMo Pro SDI’s capabilities don’t stop there. Once you have high quality HD video input into your iOS device you can then treat it in the same way you would video shot with the iPhone or iPad’s own internal cameras. You can record HD video input via SeeMo Pro SDI direct to your iOS device’s camera roll at up to 1080p at 60fps 8-bit in H.264 variable bitrate.

You can also live stream to popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook using RTMP direct from your SeeMo Pro SDI equipped iOS device. You don’t even need a laptop to go live.

Transforms into a SDI EVF with Zacuto Z-finder

SeeMo Pro SDI will also turn an iPhone into a professional SDI/HDMI EVF with the upcoming Zacuto Z-finder iOS electronic viewfinder solution. Announced earlier this week, it has been developed in collaboration with Accsoon and uses a customised version of the SEE app. The incredible colour accuracy and resolution of the latest iPhones makes them a perfect alternative to a traditional EVF and with the added ability to record and live stream in HD. It can also be used in landscape or portrait mode for vertical video shooting.

The upcoming Zacuto Z-finder solution developed with Accsoon will be compatible with the SeeMo Pro SDI

Flexible powering

SeeMo Pro SDI can be powered by Sony NP-F type batteries or via a professional 2 pin DC connector. Together they create a continuous power solution that allows users to change batteries without having to power down. The DC connection accepts a voltage range of 6.4 to 16.8 volts.

SeeMo Pro SDI has a DC connection that accepts a voltage range of 6.4 to 16.8 volts.

Connect your camera to an iOS future

SeeMo Pro connects your SDI or HDMI camera to the vast world of iOS connectivity and apps. You can now edit, tag, stream and share video from your SDI camera as simply as if it were shot on your iPhone to start with. Showing a clip to a client or producer in another town or city is as simple as firing up iMessage and pressing send.

But that is just scratching the surface of SeeMo Pro’s capabilities. By placing your iPad or iPhone with SeeMo at the heart of an iOS ecosystem it opens up new ways of working, all with the simplicity and elegance of iOS apps and hardware.

Be at the center of an iOS ecosystem with SeeMo

This month has seen announcements of new iOS app integrations with key industry players Switcher Studio and TVU Networks. The versatility of these and other upcoming integrations demonstrates just how SeeMo changes the game. By bringing SDI and HDMI video into iOS, SeeMo truly is at the center of a new set of powerful creative tools.

Switcher Studio

The recent announcement that the Switcher Studio live-switching iOS now supports SeeMo devices is a good example of how this technology changes the game. Creating a touch-controlled multi cam live stream is now as simple as attaching a SeeMo device to each SDI or HDMI camera and starting Switcher Studio on your iOS device.

Switcher Studio

TVU Anywhere iOS app

Also announced for NAB is a new technology partnership between TVU and Accsoon to add support for the SeeMo and SeeMo Pro SDI into the TVU Anywhere mobile live-streaming app.

TVU Anywhere iOS app

TVU Anywhere is used by broadcasters and live streamers worldwide to transmit live full HD video from mobile devices. The app aggregates your mobile device’s 3G/4G/LTE/5G cellular connection with available Wi-Fi for more robust transmissions. Now users can connect their professional cameras to the TVU Anywhere app via SeeMo and seamlessly go live.

The ultimate multi-tool at an affordable price

The SeeMo Pro SDI is the multi-tool of video production that many professionals have dreamt of for years. Now it’s a reality, delivering the perfect way to combine high-end SDI equipment with the simplicity and elegance of iOS apps and hardware. SeeMo Pro SDI is an accessory that deserves a permanent place in every professional shooter’s camera bag.

The SeeMo Pro SDI costs $349 and will be available via official Accsoon resellers in Summer 2023.

See SeeMo Pro SDI working at NAB 2023, Accsoon booth number C7440. Learn more about SeeMo via the Accsoon.



About Accsoon

Accsoon is a leading iOS and wireless video company. It was the originator of wi-fi based professional video monitoring systems and the first to develop a low cost MFi-certified HDMI interface for iOS. The Accsoon SeeMo line represents the connectivity center of an emerging ecosystem of iOS apps to enable video creators to work smarter. Harnessing the power of the latest iPhones and iPads with traditional cameras and devices opens the door to new ways of working with greater accuracy and speed.

The company was also a pioneer in using 5G wifi to send HD video to dedicated receivers, iOS devices and smartphones. It is committed to the ongoing development of advanced 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi technologies for video transmission. Currently its class-leading wireless transmitters include the popular CineView SE, HE and Quad models, which are renowned for their range and reliability.

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