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What is a Guest WiFi Network (& Why Do You Need It)


Hello everyone! Have you ever purchased a new Wi-Fi router? And when you started to configure the wireless settings, you notice a setting that says Guest Network. And maybe you wondered what that is.

Well, a guest network is a feature on modern Wi-Fi routers that allows visitors to have internet access in your home. If you don’t want to give them your primary Wi-Fi password or have access to any other devices on your network.

Why You Need a Guest Wi-Fi Network

Now going back a few years older, Wi-Fi routers won’t have the guest network feature, so if you have visitors over your house and they need to access the internet for their device for whatever reason, whether it’s to check their email or to look something up on the internet, they will ask if they can access your Wi-Fi signal and ask for your password.

And then if you agree, you would give them your Wi-Fi password. But by doing this, this could pose a security risk because now they have access to the internet using your Wi-Fi and they could potentially download a virus and affect your other devices in your home network.

Or if their device already has a virus. And then once they join your network, that virus could spread to other devices in your home. So this is where a guest network comes in.

How does a guest Wi-Fi network work

By having a guest network, visitors can join your guest network and only have internet access, which not only means that you won’t have to give them your primary home Wi-Fi password, but even better, they won’t be able to see or access any other devices in your home because their device is now isolated from your other devices. So it’s like having two separate networks in your home.

How to set up a guest Wi-Fi network

So to enable the guest network on your Wi-Fi router, you need to go to the router’s configuration page.

  1. Just open up a web browser and type in the IP ( 0r address of your router.
  2. Now, depending upon which router you have, find the guest network, a section that says Guest network.
  3. Give the guest networks SSID a name. And then we’ll just call it “guest Wi-Fi”. And then we can choose to have a password or not.
  4. If you see a feature that says something like allow guests to see other devices and access my local network, be sure to leave that disabled so they cannot see or access other devices on your network.
  5. And once that is done, we can enable the guest network and enable the SSID broadcast. And then we just hit apply.
  6. And now the Wi-Fi router would broadcast two separate SSIDs. It will broadcast your primary home network called home Wi-Fi, and the guest network called guest Wi-Fi at the same time.

*Now for safety purposes you should give your guest network a password. Because if you just leave it open then that means that anyone near your home can join your Wi-Fi network now, even though they are joining the guest network, which is safer, they can still try to do malicious activity or at the very least, steal your bandwidth.

Final Thoughts

When visitors at your home want to use your Wi-Fi, you can just tell them to join the guest Wi-Fi network and then give them the password for it. So now they’ll be able to access the internet, but they won’t be able to see or access any other devices because the two networks will be isolated from each other.

Just to clear things up. Both the home Wi-Fi and the guest Wi-Fi are broadcasted from the same radio frequency band. They are not two separate bands. They are the same band. The router is just using rules similar to a firewall to separate the two networks.


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