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Accsoon CineView SE/HE Triumphs at the Game Changer Event

28 February 2024, Entrepreneurs in the industry of Documentation from all over Western Java gathered to share their journey in the main field of Photography and Videography.

The attendees were mainly business owners with photo and video production agencies, for all purposes such as pre-wedding, weddings, corporate event documentation, and many other events requiring documentation.

the Game Changer

During the event, the organizer was applying Accsoon Cineview SE and Accsoon Cineview HE for their wireless video transmission system solution with the set up of 2 cams, being connected to a switcher, in which, the video output is displayed on the Videotron at the back of the stage. Through this kind of set up, the latency and the quality of the video transmitter were displayed in live situations to all the attendees. The visitors that were on the scene, say the quality of Accsoon’s video transmitter quality, especially in terms of latency was superior to the video transmitter at the level of price.

The Accsoon product was put to use during the segment of Gary Evan (the photographer) and Ghina Rizqi (the makeup artist and talent manager). While Gary Evan was practicing the method of his photo taking to the audience, the Accsoon Cineview SE was mounted on his handheld Lumix camera so that the screen of the camera could be displayed on the Videotron, allowing the audience to see exactly how he gets the job done.

Accsoon spoke before Gary Evan did the shooting demo, which was very fortunate for getting the bigger crowd. Show CineView HE transmitter can stream to up to four iOS or Android devices. Users can use a combination of Android or iOS devices, as long as they aren’t using any more than four. The Accsoon CineView HE was also capable of streaming to four devices at once.

Final Thoughts

The Accsoon CineView SE/HE provides a wireless video transmission solution for medium to large event productions, from church events and live broadcasts to films, exhibitions, concerts and more. Since its introduction, the Accsoon wireless video transmission systems has become popular for facilitating team communication.

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