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Accsoon SeeMo + Switcher Studio makes portable multi-camera live production simple

Accsoon announce first partnership for the SeeMo ecosystem

Accsoon is delighted to announce that the SeeMo HDMI iOS adapter is now compatible with the industry-leading Switcher Studio iOS app. You can connect HDMI cameras, games consoles and other sources to the app, enabling professional and prosumer equipment to be used in place of the built-in iPhone or iPad camera.

Switcher Studio is the first of several important integrations on the roadmap for Accsoon devices, putting them at the heart of an ecosystem that replaces traditional monitoring, sharing and streaming tools with the power, flexibility and affordability of SeeMo and iOS devices. Together the Accsoon SeeMo and Switcher Studio harness the power of the latest iOS devices to create a powerful, easy to use, portable live streaming solution.

Switcher Studio – a production studio at your fingertips

Switcher Studio is already established as the premier iOS-based live multi-camera switching solution, able to use multiple iPhones and iPads as sources and seamlessly switch between them. Now connecting a HDMI camera or source to Switcher Studio couldn’t be simpler – just attach an Accsoon SeeMo to an iPhone-running Switcher Studio and you are good to go. Up to nine iOS devices can be connected and edited live.

Switcher Studio with SeeMo

In addition to seamless switching between the different camera angles you can easily add logos, text graphics, branded full-screen layouts, prerecorded audio and video clips and scoreboards. Users can even import their own multimedia assets like B-Roll.

Streaming your live output is as easy as connecting to your chosen platform from within the app and pressing the ‘Go Live’ button. Switcher Studio has seamless direct integrations with most major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Reels and Microsoft Stream, and can even be used to stream to a brand website with the embeddable Switcher Player. Upload recorded videos, select your offline display — even turn a website into a library of content by curating video playlists.

“Our goal at Switcher is to empower users to be able to make and share videos that help them expand their audience, their business, and their sales,” said Nick Mattingly, CEO and Co-Founder, Switcher Studio. “With the Accsoon SeeMo adapter, creators can use traditional camera equipment, gaming consoles and more to add an additional layer of production to their live and recorded video.”

The perfect combination for your broadcast

The Accsoon SeeMo and Switcher Studio combination is perfect for creator studios as well as all sorts of broadcasts like sporting events, conferences, services from houses of worship, education, live music performances and Esports.

The perfect combination for your broadcast

Together, Accsoon SeeMo and Switcher Studio harness the power of the latest iOS devices to create a powerful, easy to use, portable live streaming solution.

Switcher Studio users can gain this functionality with a free update (v9.0.0) available on the app store immediately.

The SeeMo advantage

Accsoon SeeMo is the world’s first affordable professional MFi-certified HDMI adapter and video capture terminal for iOS that connects via Lightning or USB-C. The small box makes full use of the amazing screens on the later generations of iPhones and iPads by transforming them into high grade monitors when connecting your camera or other HD HDMI sources via cable. The result is a high quality image with incredibly low latency that rivals much more expensive monitors and easily bests camera-makers’ in-built Wi-Fi monitoring solutions.

The Accsoon SeeMo fits a wide range of HDMI cameras

In addition to monitoring SeeMo you can also stream HD video directly to popular streaming platforms or record a HD video direct from your camera to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll. This makes instant sharing of clips for social media from your camera much easier. You can also use this as a backup to your main footage on your camera, or even use them to edit videos when time is of the essence.

See SeeMo + Switcher Studio working at NAB 2023, Accsoon booth number C7440. Learn more about SeeMo via the Accsoon SeeMo

About Switcher Studio

Founded in 2014, Switcher, Inc. helps creators and businesses create, share and monetize videos more easily and affordably through its multicamera production software, Switcher Studio. Switcher Studio lets users sync multiple iOS devices to capture video content from many perspectives—to tell stories, showcase products, host events and more. Its real-time video editing features ensure that content is dynamic and polished, while being multistreamed or hosted on a number of platforms simultaneously. Plus, Switcher’s integrations with streaming platforms and video conferencing tools allow creators and brands to reach their communities nearly anywhere. The tech startup, based in Louisville, Kentucky, and Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, employs 40+ team members. For more information, visit switcherstudio.com or download the Switcher Studio app.

About Accsoon

Accsoon is a leading iOS and wireless video company. It was the originator of wi-fi based professional video monitoring systems and the first to develop a low cost MFi-certified HDMI interface for iOS.

The Accsoon SeeMo represents the connectivity center of an emerging ecosystem of iOS apps to enable video creators to work smarter. Harnessing the power of the latest iPhones and iPads with traditional cameras and devices opens the door to new ways of working with greater accuracy and speed.

The company was also a pioneer in using 5G wifi to send HD video to dedicated receivers, iOS devices and smartphones. It is committed to the ongoing development of advanced 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi technologies for video transmission. Currently its class-leading wireless transmitters include the popular CineView SE, HE and Quad models, which are renowned for their range and reliability.

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