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Revolutionizing Fast Workflow in Fashion Videographer Career: A Review of the Accsoon SeeMo, CineView Nano, and Cineview HE

The Workshop event was planned to target videographers in Bali, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia, Bali is known as a land, where magic happens, especially in terms of content creation because, Bali offers many different suitable shooting spots.

Accsoon partnered with DOSS to establish this workshop to have the market gain experience by touching and trying Accsoon products to fulfill their workflow as videographers. Furthermore, having Rizky Satari as the person to bring up the materials would be deemed suitable.

Rizky had been known by the person within the videography industry in Bali as one of the mentors, especially in his niche which is, Fashion Videography, based on the writer’s observation, the audience was seriously engaged and focused on learning more about Fashion video-taking during the workshop.


Another factor, that makes the workshop worth it for the brand would be the connecting dot from the Fashion Videography to Accsoon products, while presenting the material, Rizky Satari, also talked about Cineview Nano and How Cineview Nano, will be able to make his job easier during his video taking to the audience.

After the material lecture presented by Rizky was done, the organizer also had a session, where a model was hired to do a modeling job, and the organizer was given a chance for the attendance to form a team of 3 people, to do a study case. With a total attendance of 15, 5 different teams were formed during the session.

The challenge was, “Assuming you are the fashion videographer, who needs to take a commercial video for the Clothing brand that the model was wearing, how will you plan to capture the shoots”, the audience was discussing the plan to take the video as well as the angles that they could be using with their team, while waiting to get their turn practicing with the model.

Practicing with the model.jpg

During this Study Case, the writer offered the Accsoon product to be used and tried by the team that takes shots with the models. Starting from Accsoon SeeMo was utilized as a substitute for an external monitor, which, based on the user’s feedback, helped them in taking the videos, as the monitor was bigger and more precise, not to mention functions such as Grid, and Focus Peeking.

CineView Nano was also being tried by the audiences, as a way for them to have their team members being able to see, what the cameramen were seeing. The writer saw that the audiences were engaged and took the challenge seriously, the writer assumed that the result of this session would be deemed valuable to the audience, as it could also be an addition to their portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the TV that was being used to present PowerPoint during the lecture, was turned into a monitor for showing Live feeds from Rizky Satari’s Camera. During the practicing session, Rizky was seen helping to advise the groups by showing them how to take video shots. The writer mounted the transmitter of Cineview HE on top of his Camera, while the receiver was connected to the TV. The writer observed that the audiences were delighted as they could learn more about the angles that Rizky was trying to teach them, while they got first-hand experience with the latency and usefulness of a wireless video transmitter by Accsoon.

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